Wednesday, 22 December 2010

BEARSPACE presents FEUDAL @ The London Art Fair Art Projects

An exhibition of two emerging artists work Jasmina Cibic and Suzanne Moxhay , dealing with the concept of systems within mediaeval living, Iconic images of birds, trees, nature, and habitation all come into play alongside bright neon colours and filmic settings.

Slovenian photographer Jasmina Cibic, creates open landscapes, working with striking and unusual animals and sculpture to juxtapose the natural with the architectural and constructed. The series on show ‘Falco’ sees the artist working with live falcons and classic sculptures either sourced or reconstructed by the artist. These dark, alluring works are sexy, sinister and regal depicting perfectly the upper echelons of feudal existence. The falcon was a form of medieval hunting, a delight for the nobles, which became a sport. Cibic captures these regal creatures pictured against sculptural forms from the modernist era, taste, style and poise perfectly communicated.

Suzanne Moxhay’s work from the series ‘Feralis’ focuses on land and habitation. Ancient ruins and overlaid with overgrown lush landscapes. Simple habitations are found amongst vast lakes. It is as thought the viewer stumbles across a feudal scene, overgrown and outdated, but still with the magic and allure of the peasant that once worked there and claimed the land as their own. Moxhay’s unique style include model making in her studio, where glass and photographs are used to construct these medieval scenes, lost to the world but captured through her prints.

Friday, 19 November 2010

GIFTED: a weekend of art and design in Deptford

A weekend of art and design in Deptford
3-5 December

In association with the Cockpit Arts Christmas Open Studios

Are you looking for something different, cultural and local for your Christmas presents this year? Perhaps you would like to discover designers and artists in the most talked about art destination, Deptford. You can do all this from 3rd -5th December as part of GIFTED, a weekend of art and design in Deptford.

Time Out have called Deptford as ‘fuelled by a can-do approach to capture the moment!’ The Guardian labeled Deptford ‘London’s newest art scene.’ Discover this for yourself; meet designers and artists in and around Deptford, whilst fuelling yourself on hot cider and a mince pie or two.

Over 15 venues will be open in Deptford over this weekend from the excellent Cockpit Arts designer maker studios to exhibitions, cultural shops and artists studios.

Most galleries in Deptford will also be open during this weekend.

For more details and itineraries of the entire weekend have a look here on the deptford art map! See you there x

Thursday, 18 November 2010


Ellie Doney 'Applied Dreaming Chapter I' 2010

4 DEC 2010 – 15 JAN 2011

Wed – Sat 10-6pm

Closed: 23 Dec - 4 Jan 2011


Preview: Sat 4 Dec 2010

2-4pm (in association with Deptford Gifted weekend)


BEARSPACE will host a room of wonderful objects on plinths displaying multiples to singular pieces, assemblage to porcelain. This exhibition forms a snapshot of current trends in new types of sculpture, bringing together small works by emerging artists concerned with assemblage and sculpture. Artists have been selected from several art colleges in 2010, as well as a range of artists familiar to BEARSPACE these include; Blue Curry, Jonathan Trayte, Ellie Doney, Luke Twigger, Krister Klassman, Jasmina Cibic and Wayne Lucas. Each piece resembles a particle of the artist’s full practice. Some artists work only through the medium of sculpture for others sculpture forms only a part of their process.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Private View: Friday 29th October 2010, 6.30-8.30pm
Exhibition Open: 23rd October - 27th November 2010

BEARSPACE is pleased to present “Feralis” the debut solo exhibition by digital artist Suzanne Moxhay.

Moxhay will present a new series of work based on a feral and ery scene, typically playing with the overlaying of her own photographs, film imagery and found landscapes to create new worlds, created in the artists mind and projected onto paper through print.

With the rise of new modes of special effects and ways in which realities are being explored within film, Moxhay uses the language and technical facilities of filmmakers and special effects to create artwork that engages with new media and ideas of utopian landscapes and deathly scenes.

“Feralis” refers to something that is feral, and dangerous.

Suzanne Moxhay (b. 1976, Essex) lives and works in London. After completing a BA Hons in Painting at Chelsea College of Art she went on to The Royal Academy Schools where she graduated with a Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art in 2007.

Recent exhibitions include ‘GSK Contemporary: Earth Art of a Changing World’ at the Royal Academy of Arts, and ‘The Wild as Will and Mediation’, Wiebke Morgan, London. Her animation work has been shown as part of the programme ‘Do Billboards Dream of Electric Screens?’ on BBC public screens in cities across the UK.
She is currently a Print Fellow at the Royal Academy Schools.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

MULTIPLIED: Contemporary Editions Fair 15-18 October 2010

BEARSPACE Gallery is collaborating with Christie's South Kensington and over thirty other London Galleries in 'MULTIPLIED', a brand new and exciting Art Fair debuting this year, coinciding with Frieze Art Fair in close-by Regents Park.

MULTIPLIED aims to showcase and promote emerging artistic talent from artists working and showing in London, as well as providing a platform for the cities most pioneering independent galleries and publishers.

Expect to see the best of as yet unknown artists alongside the creme de la creme of established artists working today (Tracey Emin and Damien Hirst will be showing), providing a unique opportunity for artistic discovery for 'the next big thing' or a lucrative investment.

BEARSPACE will be showing work from:
Zander Olsen
Seung Pyo Hong
Isabel Rock
Jasmina Cibic
Jenny Wiener
Luke Twigger
Krister Caster
Jane Ward
Phil Ashcroft
Steven Dickie

Looking forward to seeing lots of inspiring work and hearing inspired chatter, come and experience this unique collection of contemporary art editions in all its manifestations, from prints and photographs, to artist’s books and 3-D multiples.

Dates and Opening Hours:
Friday 15-Monday 18 October

Saturday & Sunday


Event Info:
Christie's South Kensington
85 Old Brompton Road
London SW7 3LD

Admission Free

more information on MULTIPLIED can be found on the official website here

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

World Within Worlds

World Within Worlds is BEARSPACE’s inaugural exhibition of the new calendar, featuring a major exhibition, off-site installation and performance programme by emerging and recently graduated artists.

Curated by BEARSPACE Director, Julia Alvarez

Artists: Suzanne Moxhay, Zander Olsen, Jaime Tarazona, Jane Ward, Jenny Wiener, Diana Taylor, Damien O’Connell, Steven Dickie
11 September 2010 - 09 October 2010

‘Get up, go to work, come home, get up, go work, come home but with an added element, something that wasn't there the day before, something that actually makes you think about all this routine, this place we live and call life. Ridiculous, odd, generous, pretentious and maybe a bit stupid but something that reminds us that real life is not elsewhere. It's here.’
Mark Titchner, Deptford X 2010

‘World within Worlds’ is BEARSPACE’s main curated exhibition of the year including recent graduates and emerging talent curated by BEARSPACE Director Julia Alvarez. This exhibition features artists who aim to subvert reality in response to the theme set by Mark Titchner for Deptford X, as well as unearth new burgeoning talent from the wealth of degree shows in 2010.

Each artist creates a world that teases our existence, taking elements of movement, architecture and landscape, subverting them by adding, subtracting and disseminating their visual structure.

11 September 2010 - 09 October 2010
Preview evening: Friday 24 September, 6.30-8.30 Part of Deptford Last Fridays (late opening of all galleries in Deptford with performance by Mark McGowan at 8.30 pm

Offsite installation:
‘The Calibration of We’
Artist: Stephen Dickie
Dates: 24 September – 3 October, 2010. Fri-Sun, 10-6 pm
(As part of the Deptford Art Map ‘Gallery PLOTS’ part of Deptford X)
Venue: APT Xtra Space, next to APT Gallery, 6 Creekside, Deptford London SE8

Performance Programme:
‘The Re-enactment of the Death of Roaul Moat’
Artist: Mark McGowan
Date: Friday 24 September, 8.30-9 pm
Venue: APT Xtra Space, next to APT Gallery, 6 Creekside, Deptford London SE8 4SA.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

APOPHATIC Pareidolia is a condition... Mike Chavez-Dawson (& Co.)

31 July 2010 - 28 August 2010

PREVIEW EVENING: FRIDAY, 30 July, 6.30-8.30 pm in association with Deptford Last Fridays, galleries in Deptford open until 8.30 pm, with afterparty at the Old Police Station.

APOPHATIC PEREIDOLIA is a condition… features two new works ‘Hypotyposis’ and ‘The Obvious Manifesto, [The Question Hangs]’ by Mike Chavez-Dawson, both continues the artists interest in creating multi-layered ‘performative’ works that explore the slippage between the artists intention and the audiences perception; via a complex web of narratives, art history & theory, social and psychoanalytical reference points.

Here he’s utilised documentation from two bodies of ‘performative’ works to create a series of laser etchings that sit between drawing, print, sculpture and performance. Chavez-Dawson also continues to reconcile ‘authorship’ boundaries by negotiating and revealing collaborative components to diffuse an individual agency.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Deptford art Map Tour//Friday 30th July//Two tours taking place - 4.30pm and 6.30pm

Visit galleries in Deptford and beyond. A diverse range of art and spaces, behind the scenes snapshots and words from the people who make it all happen. Deptford is fast becoming one of the most talked about creative areas in London, with galleries and studios opening constantly, expanding the wealth of exciting visuals and innovative experiences that already inhabit the area. Each month we give you the opportunity to explore this creative hub, with an experienced tour guide, who will show you another side to the area. Extend your evening by booking a table at the Greenwich Rivington Bar and Grill our partner restaurant, to enjoy a two course meal and cocktail as a special package.

Meet at BEARSPACE Gallery 152 Deptford High Street. Tours leave on time, please be prompt. Please bring your Paypal receipt with you. Tours conclude at at The Rivington Bar and Grill in Greenwich or Greenwich Station.

Book here:

Tour Price: £15

Tour Price with meal: £35

Wednesday, 12 May 2010



25 June 2010 - 24 July 2010

Private View: Friday 25th June 2010 6.30-8.30pm

Open: Wed-Sat 10am-6pm

BEARSPACE is pleased to present the works of Isabel and Caspar Rock in a collaborative exhibition, for which the two sibling artists have created a series of large scale drawing works, collaborative pieces, animation and sculpture, drawing the viewer in their phychadelic world of pencils, pens and paper.


The works featured in Eye Pain are incredibly detailed and vivid. These dense, richly textured images are the result of years of development by both Isabel and Caspar Rock, and this is reflected in the level of aesthetic depth that the pieces offer, the audience encountering new elements within the works on each viewing. The pair site their influences broadly; these include comics, Japanese animations, Gothic architecture, medieval  gangsta rap, mythology and Dantes Infernoe. Eye Pain itself refers to the physical experience that each of the pieces offer the viewer, the works themselves so beautiful and complex, that they become difficult to look at.

The focus upon low-tech materials is a significant element in the work. Basic, yet essential items such as pens, pencils and paper, and simple print processes are used. This emphasis only heightens the extreme attention to detail present in each work. Encompassing its viewer, the exhibition encourages a journey into the depths of the imagination. This experience is centred around the individual, who is surrounded and saturated by imagery, most surfaces covered, making it difficult to escape. 


Isabel and Caspar Rock feel that reality is boring. The works in Eye Pain offer a parallel world that is anything but tedious. This world is new, unknown, exciting, uncomfortable and challenging. In the artists quest to bring their audience into their world, they are hosting a number of interactive events, such as a 'zine workshop and lecture, and a drawing battle. 

Saturday, 27 March 2010



Private View: Friday 28th May 2010, 6.30-8.30 pm
(in association with Deptford Last Fridays)

Open: PART 1:14-29th May, 2010
PART 2: 4-19th June 2010

BEARSPACE, in association with peer sessions, is pleased to present a series of two exhibitions entitled The Assistant starting in May 2010. Each exhibition will pair up an emerging and an established artist with similar concerns, who will collaborate to produce the exhibition. The established artist will send the emerging artist or assistant a list of rules one month prior to the exhibition opening.

Emerging Artists:
Kate Pickering
Blue Curry
Established Artists:
Gordon Cheung
Maria Fusco

The Assistant aims to explore the practices of both artists through this process of exchange, but also to question ideas around the construction of an exhibition, revealing something about the processes an exhibition may go through before it is finally realised.

A weblog will accompany the exhibition, including the original list of rules and documentation of the process of exchange and decision making that has led to the creation of the work, and interaction from the public is invited. The resulting exhibitions will last for two weeks each, with the blog, a discussion and a screening of peer video work accompanying the shows.

Please view and contribute here:

MECHA - Seung Pyo Hong (solo exhibition) @ BEARSPAC

MECHA - Seung Pyo Hong (solo exhibition) @ BEARSPACE
10 April 2010 - 08 May 2010
Private View: 09 April 2010 6.30 - 8.30pm
BEARSPACE is pleased to present MECHA, new large scale drawings and metal plate etchings by Korean artist Seung Pyo Hong, in his first ever solo exhibition.

Hong has created a range of new works for the exhibition. Having previously worked in a variety of mediums, including installation, oil pastels and etching, Hong has produced a collection of hand drawings and paintings, combining a number of production methods creating his own personal style.

His work depicts complex imagery of the organic and the mechanical. Hong believes that our habitat is now made up of technology and machinery, as opposed to a natural environment. This environment is affective and influential within our lives, eventually becoming our reason for evolution. The artist has created a comment on the current social and economic world, through the anthropomorphism of the machinery he depicts. He presents ideas of conflict, opposition, metamorphosis and process.

Saturday, 20 February 2010


Open: 27 February – 27 March, 2010     Wednesday – Saturday 12.30-5 pm

Private View: Friday 26 February, 6.30-8.30 pm**

(in association with Deptford Last Fridays

BEARSPACE launches PRINT NOW, an innovative exhibition of new works by emerging artists based on the concept of PRINT as a medium and a repetitive process. Works range from sculpture constructed from recycled printed fliers, to etching on aluminium and lithograph. 


Artists have been selected by a panel of curators and writers who are specifically concerned with emerging art, including Julia Alvarez, Director of BEARSPACE, Kay Saatchi, collector and curator, Pryle Behrman, writer and curator of Art Projects and Mike Sims, Deputy Editor of Printmaking Today. Guest artists including David Shrigley and Billy Childish have also been invited to exhibit to represent artists working with print techniques and repetitive processes in a unique and successful way.


Prices range from £25 - £700 for edition prints and one off works.  Portfolios of artwork selected by the panel will also be available, as a sample of some of the most exciting works on display. All works will also be available online via  and  

**All available artworks will be available for 15% deduction on the opening night only (Friday 26 February, 6.30-8.30 pm) 

For a full list of available works please go to

Image: Phil Ashcroft, Yeti Over Mount Fuji with Shooting Star,’ 2009

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

PRINT NOW at The London Art Fair

Print Now at the London Art Fair

13 January 2010 - 17 January 2010 Stand P19

BEARSPACE launches PRINT NOW, an innovative exhibition of over 100 works by emerging artists based on the concept of PRINT as a medium and a repetitive process.

Artists have been selected by a panel of curators and writers who are specifically concerned with emerging art, including Julia Alvarez, Director of BEARSPACE, Kay Saatchi, collector and curator, Pryle Behrman, writer and curator of Art Projects and Mike Sims, Deputy Editor of Printmaking Today. See selection panel here.

Prices range from £25 - £700 for editioned prints and one off works. Portfolios of artwork selected by Kay Saatchi and Director Julia Alvarez will also be available, as a sample of some of the most exciting works on display.

All prints will be available online at and from 13 January 2010