Wednesday, 22 December 2010

BEARSPACE presents FEUDAL @ The London Art Fair Art Projects

An exhibition of two emerging artists work Jasmina Cibic and Suzanne Moxhay , dealing with the concept of systems within mediaeval living, Iconic images of birds, trees, nature, and habitation all come into play alongside bright neon colours and filmic settings.

Slovenian photographer Jasmina Cibic, creates open landscapes, working with striking and unusual animals and sculpture to juxtapose the natural with the architectural and constructed. The series on show ‘Falco’ sees the artist working with live falcons and classic sculptures either sourced or reconstructed by the artist. These dark, alluring works are sexy, sinister and regal depicting perfectly the upper echelons of feudal existence. The falcon was a form of medieval hunting, a delight for the nobles, which became a sport. Cibic captures these regal creatures pictured against sculptural forms from the modernist era, taste, style and poise perfectly communicated.

Suzanne Moxhay’s work from the series ‘Feralis’ focuses on land and habitation. Ancient ruins and overlaid with overgrown lush landscapes. Simple habitations are found amongst vast lakes. It is as thought the viewer stumbles across a feudal scene, overgrown and outdated, but still with the magic and allure of the peasant that once worked there and claimed the land as their own. Moxhay’s unique style include model making in her studio, where glass and photographs are used to construct these medieval scenes, lost to the world but captured through her prints.