Saturday, 27 August 2011


Matthew Mc Guinness 'Take My Rest'. 2010

30 Sept-22 Oct, 2011
Preview: 6.30-8 pm (with canap├ęs provided by the artist)
In association with SLAM last Fridays
Followed by Special Dinner Event GOURMANDIZING:
8-10.30 pm (booking essential online via the gallery website)

BEARSPACE presents the first solo exhibition in the UK of Matthew Mc Guinness, featuring works constructed during his day job as a cook. Mc Guinness will be filling the gallery with art works created from the ephemera taken from the kitchens in which he works. These include detailed sketches and thoughts on T-towels from some of London’s top restaurants. Amongst cooking stains they inscribed with song lyrics from the grateful dead, details of orders and strange doodles all created in between service. He connects these works to the rebellious world of writing on things, graffiti lettering created swiftly and instinctually. Other sculptures and collage works on show are created from found food packaging.

((((Brain Castles)))) Vincent Troia curated by Darren Barrowcliff

Vincent Troia 'aye, aye, a scratch, a scratch', 2011

Dates: Sat 3 - Sat 24 Sept, 2011
Preview: Sat 3 Sept // 6.30-8.30pm

BEARSPACE is pleased to present the first UK exhibition of new works by American artist Vincent Troia curated by Darren Barrowcliff.

Troia has lived and worked in both Detroit and South Korea. In this exhibition, collage and sculpture merge to create works that are at once both 3- and 2- dimensional. Troia utilizes found images of aerial landscapes and people, folding them into various polyhedral shapes. He incorporates found damaged paper materials, dirtied textile scraps, discarded packaging and occasionally featuring other small street sourced findings.

American curator Darren Barrowcliff met Troia in Detroit, attracted to Troia’s skill in achieving a decisive abstraction, connected to the strong yet subtle choice of imagery, supporting the unique appeal of the Troia’s works. Barrowcliff describes the artist’s ability to “fit a feeling of contemporary finish with historical references, alongside tongue in cheek and trompe l’oeil. The work speaks of youthful angst yet is full of profound wisdoms.”