Friday, 16 November 2012


The Deptford Double Art Tour| Part I (Pay What You Like!)
November Last Fridays: 30/11/12 @ 18:30 – 20:30

Celebrating a series of open studios across SE8 alongside some exciting new exhibitions opening at galleries in New Cross and Deptford for LAST Fridays this tour is a fantastic way to see it all and to meet the artists and curators behind the projects and studios in this creatively buzzing area of south London. The tour will kick off at BEARSPACE, with an exhibition of new works by Suzanne Moxhay and Geoff Diego Litherland as they present 'The Aftermath'. New exhibitions at Enclave will also be keeping us busy on route, among them LUBOMIROV EASTON, ANARCH and NEWS OF THE WORLD all previewing new shows on the night. We’ll round off the tour at open studios including APT’s ‘Christmas Parlour’ and The Zeitgeist Open Exhibition and Open studios all at ASC, New Cross. With a well deserved drink awaiting you at The Old Police Station’s legendary ‘Dirty Cop Fridays’.

“SLAM Tours are such a great idea for an alternative night out and a great way to shake off the working week, and I saw more exhibitions in one night than I’d usually be able to see in a month!”
-Visitor, SLAM Tour Deptford 2012

As always our tours are Pay What You Like, there is no limit (either way!) what you pay but SLAM would suggest a £5 donation.


OR e-mail us with ‘Deptford Tour’ in the subject header and the date you would like to attend (Part I 30/11/12 OR Part II 08/12/12)


The Deptford Double Art Tour| Part 2 (Pay What You Like!)
SATURDAY 08/12/12 @ 14:00 – 16:00

Join us for part 2 of this Deptford focused art tour where we’ll be delving further into a wave of artist and designer open studios in the area:  A great chance to chat to the artists, meet the people behind the projects or if you’re on the prowl for some truly original Christmas gifts a chance to discover new designers and artists and invest in affordable one off pieces direct from the artists themselves!  No middle man, no high street chains, just innovation, originality and some very festive spirit on the way. 
Among the open studios we’ll be visiting: Hatch Space, Creekside Artists (whose mulled wine is legend!) and Cockpit Arts who have a well established reputation as an incubator for emerging design talent in London.  We’ll also be visiting some of Deptford’s artist run spaces and galleries on route with new exhibitions by both London based and international artists.
Support the local creative community, buy local, or simply discover some fantastic new art spaces in SE8. 
As always our tours are Pay What You Like, there is no limit (either way!) what you pay but SLAM would suggest a £5 donation.

OR e-mail us with ‘Deptford Tour’ in the subject header and the date you would like to attend (Part I 30/11/12 OR Part II 08/12/12)


Wednesday, 26 September 2012


22 September – 13 October 2012

Private View: Friday 28th September, 6.30 – 8.30pm
(In association with SLAM Fridays)
BEARSPACE presents DRAW/FLEX/DRAW/, an installation by Josie Cockram in association with Acme Studios’ Residency, Awards & Community Programme. This solo show is the climax of Cockram’s year long residency, showcasing the development of her practice during this time since her graduation from Camberwell College of Art in 2011.

DRAW/FLEX/DRAW/ examines and reveals all the mechanics of image production  which are typically invisible in the final piece. The installation takes over the whole gallery space and is comprised of several parts: two moving image projections, several drawings on acetate, a still on transparent film, and an internal reflection. The installation is self sufficient, providing it’s own light and reconfiguring its own making for the viewer to immerse themselves within. 

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Anastasia Shin: Against the Plane 

21 June 2012 - 23 July 2012

Anastasia Shin: Against the Plane

Private View: Friday 29th June, 6.30pm - 8.30pm
(in association with SLAM Fridays)

Saturday 23 June - Saturday 21 July 2012

Gallery open: Wednesday - Saturday, 10am - 6pm


BEARSPACE presents Anastasia Shin: Against the Plane, the first solo exhibition of British artist Anastasia Shin, premièring her new body of work.

In her painted and video work Shin embraces the notion of the pictorial realm as an unreachable space, inserting sculptural forms into a two dimensional world. Here objects hover in gravity defying space whilst constantly referencing their gridded linen and screen confines. Shin's work is influenced by the ritual of circumambulation(the act of walking around a sacred object), which is set in contrast to the static formations within her work whilst also commenting on the way the viewer interacts with the pieces themselves, tying spatial awareness to a specific location.

Thursday, 26 April 2012


25 May 2012 - 23 June 2012

Private View: Friday 25th May, 6.30-8.30pm
(in association with SLAM Fridays) 
Saturday 19th May - Saturday 17th June 2012
Gallery open: Wednesday - Saturday 10am-6pm

BEARSPACE presents EXHIBIT B, the second instalment of the ODDS AGAINST TOMORROW series, introducing artists Rachel Alliston, Priya Chohan, Matthew Gee, Tatiana May, Beth Shapeero and Anya Smith.

‘Wildness challenges the unity of the symbol, the transcendent totalisation binding the image to that which it represents. Wildness pries open this unity and in its place creates slippage...Wildness is the death space of signification.’
- Michael Taussig Shamanism, Colonialism, and the Wild Man

EXHIBIT B takes inspiration from anthropologist Michael Taussig’s work on shamanism - interpreting it to look at art and a relationship with material, magic and ritual. Artists evoke a sense of slippage - the wild infiltrating the urban, through the symbols and scenes in their practices: the multi-sensual, the dream, the wild, the relic, the ritual.

Thursday, 22 March 2012


Private View: Friday 13th April, 6.30-8.30pm

Friday 13 April - Saturday 12 May 2012

Gallery open: Wednesday - Saturday 10am-6pm


ODDS AGAINST TOMORROW is a platform of four exhibitions drawing together some of the most innovative and exciting artistic talent in the UK exclusively throughout 2012. Taking its name from Robert Wise’s classic 1959 Film Noir, ODDS AGAINST TOMORROW is curated by Julia Alvarez and Katherine Hawker who assume the role of detectives. Alvarez and Hawker unveil underground artists and arrange them into artists gangs, by identifying trends and talent for 2012 and tomorrow, compiling a snapshot artists anthology.


BEARSPACE presents EXHIBIT A, the first installment of the ODDS AGAINST TOMORROW series, introducing artists Rebecca Ackroyd, Thomas Adam, Talar Aghbashian, Dermott Punnet, Jayne A Smith and Gabo Guzzo.

‘I’m just going outside & I may be some time’ were the fateful last words spoken by Captain Lawrence Oates, who perished during the Terra Nova Arctic Expedition to collect Emperor Penguin eggs of 1910–1913. Dubbed the ‘Worst Journey In The World’, the party of six Englishmen were stranded for 21 months as ships could not reach them, and forced them to shelter from the brutal Antarctic winter in a cave dug into the snow.

EXHIBIT A takes this phrase as a jumping point - artists imagine desolate landscapes, isolation, and futuristic visions after the apocalypse through their individual practices.

Dermott Punnet and Jayne A Smith paint lush, neo-modernist scenes which span between the utopic and distopic, while Talar Aghbashian’s sci-fi inspired paintings com found imagery with painterly intimacy spanning optimism and pessimism.

Rebecca Ackroyd and Thomas Adam utilise graphite and traditional drawing skills to enact the suspense and terror of the last living man, and Gabo Guzzo’s sound piece sets a score to the scene: the quiet murmur of an abandoned vista.


Full artist biographies and statements available at

EXHIBIT A is selected and curated by BEARSPACE as part of



Friday, 24 February 2012

WANDERLUST: New work by Reginald S. Aloysius & Jane Ward

02 March 2012 - 31 March 2012

WANDERLUST: Reginald S Aloysius & Jane Ward


New work by

Reginald S. Aloysius & Jane Ward


Friday 2nd March - 31st March 2012

Private View: Friday 2nd March, 6.30-8.30pm

Gallery open: Wednesday - Saturday, 10am-6pm


BEARSPACE is pleased to present Wanderlust: the new work of Reginald Aloysius and Jane Ward, after the success of their work in Brave New World at London Art Fair 2012. Aloysius and Ward take us on a journey through vast, imagined landscapes in digital print (Ward) and graphite drawing (Aloysius), combining intricate technical skill in their respective mediums with conceptual and aesthetic inventiveness.

‘You get lost out of a desire to be lost. But in the place called lost strange things are found...’

- Rebecca Solnit

Travel is inherent to the practice of both Aloysius and Ward, to whom traveling provides an infinite resource to be drawn upon in their London studios. Wanderlust[early 20th c. German: a strong desire to travel] showcases travel as creative endeavor in the strikingly different and similarly provocative results of both artists’ far flung fieldwork.

Aloysius’ preoccupation with travel stems from his Tamal routes, notions of transnationality and the loss of tradition in multinational communities. This is enforced through his meticulous graphite pieces, fearlessly etched into. Aloysius completed his MA at Kingston University and has since been selected for the Jerwood Drawing Prize and the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition, and continues to exhibit widely internationally.

Ward’s dreamlike pieces are borne of her process of layering digital prints, then carefully removing the top ink to reveal under layers. Ward has amassed a huge image library, juxtaposing places and scenes in her work, enacting processes of remembering and forgetting. Ward completed her MA at the RCA and has since been awarded the Terence Conran Foundation Award and the Tim Mara Prize, and has exhibited widely.

Both Aloysius and Ward live and work in London.


Friday, 27 January 2012

FORM vs FORM: Abbi Torrance and Paul Ridyard

BEARSPACE is pleased to present Abbi Torrance and Paul Ridyard in FORM vs FORM: an exhibition bringing together their unique practices to investigate the construction of perception through social and romantic ideologies and formations.

27 January 2012 - 25 February 2012
Private View: 27th January, 6.30-9pm @ BEARSPACE Gallery, 152 Deptford High Street.

Both Torrance and Ridyard show new work: large scale figurative drawings inspired by synchronised swimming formations by Torrance on graph paper, and deeply intricate knarled tree roots and natural phenomenon drawn and mounted by Ridyard.

FORM vs FORM triumphs drawing as a revelatory and relatable medium, exposing the tension between the organic and the highly controlled aspects of contemporary society. Torrance and Ridyard create a paired down and clean aesthetic, instigating a rebirth for drawing in an image and media heavy world.

Drawing is used to tackle questions of heterogeneity and connectivity in a diverse world where plants and even people can be ‘reduced to a pattern’ (Torrance). Deleuze and Guattari write in A Thousand Platteaus, ‘Make a map, not a tracing...what distinguishes the map from the tracing is that it is entirely oriented toward an experimentation in contact with the real’ (D&G, 1987). It is in this way that both artists engage with their subjects, not through mimicry but by constructing specific viewing experiences of real situations and phenomenon.

Torrance’s work examines how society puts ideologies into action which influence and determine the independence of individuals. Torrance uses the way that large corporations see individuals as data and demographics to transform groups of people into choreographed formations, highlighting the current social landscape. Torrance is a previous prize winner of the Teddy Smith National Art Competition, has been featured by Dazed and Confused, has been exhibited in Hung, Drawn and Altered curated by Baylors & Diamond and has been awarded the Commissions East Grant for intervention projects.

Ridyard’s practice explores what constitutes the natural and the manmade, creating drawings which challenge our existing encounters with landscapes. Ridyard seeks out specific sights such as exposed roots and work from photographs constructing pieces which simultaneously allow and obscure the viewers’s perception, demonstrating an inability to fully comprehend our surroundings. Ridyard has shown work in a number of group exhibitions in London, at The London Art Fair and Affordable Art Fair, and has undertaken several research trips throughout Europe and America.

Both artists recently completed their MA at Wimbledon College of Art and live and work in London.

BEARSPACE is open Wednesday to Saturday, 10am - 5pm.