Saturday, 27 March 2010



Private View: Friday 28th May 2010, 6.30-8.30 pm
(in association with Deptford Last Fridays)

Open: PART 1:14-29th May, 2010
PART 2: 4-19th June 2010

BEARSPACE, in association with peer sessions, is pleased to present a series of two exhibitions entitled The Assistant starting in May 2010. Each exhibition will pair up an emerging and an established artist with similar concerns, who will collaborate to produce the exhibition. The established artist will send the emerging artist or assistant a list of rules one month prior to the exhibition opening.

Emerging Artists:
Kate Pickering
Blue Curry
Established Artists:
Gordon Cheung
Maria Fusco

The Assistant aims to explore the practices of both artists through this process of exchange, but also to question ideas around the construction of an exhibition, revealing something about the processes an exhibition may go through before it is finally realised.

A weblog will accompany the exhibition, including the original list of rules and documentation of the process of exchange and decision making that has led to the creation of the work, and interaction from the public is invited. The resulting exhibitions will last for two weeks each, with the blog, a discussion and a screening of peer video work accompanying the shows.

Please view and contribute here:

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